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YCC's Mission

Yuan Chain (YCC) is the new generational public blockchain. Yuan Chain constructs a simple but high-performance main chain with various flexible and diverse parachains, which store and validate data in the blockchain in a low cost and fast way, allowing assets and debts to transfer and confirm under a privacy-controllable condition.

Moreover, Yuan Chain integrates smart contracts and designs token-incentive collaborative mechanisms, enabling value transfer on the internet and building a trustworthy society.

Yuan Chain's technical feature

1. Main Chain is highly stable like the bitcoin network, no virtual machine, high concurrency, TPS will reach 10,000 in the future.
2. Major Hash logo of parachain will upload to main chain, ensuring immutability.
3. Adoptions of smart contract and virtual machine on parachain, which will have no impact on main chain’s security and stability.
4. Interoperability between parachain and the main chain is highly efficient and stable, making sure that main chain is authoritative and parachains are diverse.
5. Innovative consensus mechanism DPOS + BFT, elective block creation and validation nodes, similar to jury system, ensuring a fair and efficient consensus.
6. Integrate Ethereum smart contract with Yuan chain seamlessly, C2C trading with bitcoin, ethereum and others.

Yuan Chain's business use cases

Technical support: Corporate debt note, Asset on-chain, Membership points alliance, Deposit certificate, Asset tracking, Exchange, Wallet.
Potential use cases: Flower, Gift, Phone, Energy, Pet, Catering, Environment, Automobile, Home appliance, Clothing, Power, Health, Education, Architecture, Real estate, Trade, Cryptocurrency, Artwork, Exchange, Wallet, Chat, Law court, Government.


1. Easy to use, no barriers.
2. Back with a team of 300 outstanding developers and other specialists.
3. One-stop full service, from start to end.
4. High scale ecosystem, large coverage, good for the development of individuals and SMEs.
5. 100% developed and designed in China, upgrade and maintenance will not be limited and constrained by foreign blockchain network.
6. 40% of the mining revenue goes to development foundation as technology funds, enabling technically sustainable.
7. Taken public welfare, taxation and government surveillance into considerations, grow together with the government and society.

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